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Tae Kim


  • Certified Massage Therapist (NHI)

  • Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

  • Certified Cupping Therapist (ICA)

As far as what I can remember, I have always been a highly active individual and regarded myself as an athlete and a gym junkie. I have played various different organized sports all throughout my life and devoted myself to the gym for carrying out weight training to maintain my "macho" status. Seemingly and physically invincible, life came to a halt when my work life started consuming me, and I found myself working 10+ hours a day, lack of sleep, long hours behind the wheels. When I realized I couldn't allow myself to go down this road of self-destruction anymore, I got myself back into the gym scene for the first time in years. I have injured my elbow (golfer's elbow) off the bat and then lower back. Despite these injuries, I have worked out through the pain, and consequently, I was absolutely debilitated and had to put a stop once again. I have searched everywhere in desperate attempts to recover from the injuries. I have suffered 3-years until I realized current orthopedics/physical therapy practice had their limits in helping people with my particular injuries.

This was the turning point in which I decided to become a therapist myself and am proud to say that I have helped myself to recover 100% from my chronic pain/injuries once for all. I have learned a tremendous amount of knowledge and insights during the process of healing myself. I am now eager and very passionate about doing the same thing for others.    

"I met Tae and he started working on me.  A few weeks later after some therapy and strength training my pain was gone.  I could use my shoulder again!  Tae taught me exercises and treatments I could do at home to help me.  Tae provides more than therapy; he provides education and knowledge so that you know how to stretch and protect injured areas." 

"I needed support from Tae after I had a painful wrist injury. When an orthopedic surgeon claimed the pain would only be helped by surgery and steroids, I trusted Tae's  second opinion. Within a month, Tae transformed my wrist injury from a place of extreme pain, to a healing, stronger, more flexible wrist. He's wonderful!"

"I've been seeing Tae at Healstrength for about 6 weeks now for chronic knee pain - the root cause is actually adhesions in my quads.  Tae uses a combination of soft tissue massage therapy, cupping, and traditional physical therapy.  My knees are now 75% better. I can't recommend Healstrength highly enough!!"

"I am so grateful that my doctor referred me to see Tae at Healstrength!  I am currently seeing him weekly for both trouble sleeping as well as itchiness at night.   Long story short,  I saw a change in both of my issues after visit #1 and after every visit since.  I am SO happy I finally pulled the trigger to try acupressure and cupping.  Not only do his treatments help, but Tae himself is a very kind, patient and gentle person.  I'm thankful I found him!"

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